The Tree That Held The Blue Sky

There was only one tree




Only one was created

In the entire world, only one.

And it had one task –

To hold up the bright blue sky.


When it observed the living beings

It saw that there were always at least two

But it, one.


Now, every once in a while

It would ask –

“Why was I made different?

Why was I not made to be one of the birds in a flock?

Or one of the ants in a colony?

Even the humans have mates

Why am I the only one?

Why am I different?”

And like this, the tree became sad.


The tree became more and more sad each day

Until finally, the tree couldn’t stop crying


And it died.


And when the tree died…

The sky died too.


You see, there was nothing left to hold up the sky

Nothing else could touch it, except the tree

So when the tree fell to the ground

The sky fell with it.


The tree had been created to hold the sky

And the sky to be held by the tree

And before it died

The blue sky tried everything it could

To show the tree that it was there


But it was futile


The sky wasn’t made to speak

And the tree didn’t know it.


The only one that could touch the sky


Couldn’t see it.


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