Because This Is My First Life

This was the perfect drama to end the year with 🙂

I’ve got to say, this drama is the best of 2017 for me.

Each character was played out well and the acting was great.

One thing that really makes me love this drama is that most of the characters are rational.

You know how in dramas, most commonly the female characters, they tend to be a bit oblivious and immature.

I didn’t find that in this drama. Everything was realistic – the scenes, events, plot development – not your typical cliche Korean drama.

It was highly refreshing~!

In short, this drama was cute, gave me lots of ~feels~ and left me an empty shell when it ended.

I rate dramas based on how they leave me feeling when it ends, so I’d say that this drama ranks up there *points to the sky* for me 🙂


After the tragic incidents that had occurred in December, there was a lot of grief and shock going around.

People around the world were affected, some more than most.

This was the first drama that caught my interest after all that.

I’d lost interest in dramas and kpop, basically everything that revolved around the Korean culture, seeing how people were being treated there. It was a major eye-opener.

But, this drama is bringing me back the things I’d forgotten.

It greatly helped me overcome depressive thoughts.

Aight! Enough with that. Lets get to it!!


Because This Is My First Life/ This Life Is Our First is a 2017 romantic comedy series starring

Lee Min ki as Nam Se-hee

Jung So min as Yoon Ji-ho

Esom as Woo Su-ji

Park Byung-eun as Ma Sang-goo

Kim Ga-eun as Yang Ho-rang

Kim Min-Seok as Sim Won-seok

So, Ji-ho is an aspiring writer and is currently working as a scenario drama writer’s assistant. She doesn’t have much say into what goes and doesn’t go into the script.

When she goes back home to her apartment she shares with her brother, she finds out that her brother is now married. And the house has become a little too crowded, her being the third wheel to the newlyweds.

She looks for houses but isn’t lucky. Having no place to stay, Ji-ho is running out of options.


Se-hee works for an IT Company that runs a dating app. He has only three things in his mind – his cat ‘Kitty’, his apartment and the loan that he hopes to pay off in … 30 years. *…wut O_O...*

He realises that he’s falling behind on paying off his loan *thank goodness* and decides to take a tenant. With help from his friend Sang-goo, he finds one. This tenant is a male named Ji-ho.

Ji-ho learns that a place is available for her to stay and accepts immediately. The landlady’s name is Se-hee.

Both have different time schedules and never meet one another, only able to leave notes here and there. So, who would think that they aren’t who they think they are? *does that make sense?*

But fate never lets an opportunity slip.

They finally bump into one another…

And both recognise each other immediately.

Se-hee is the man whom she had spontaneously decided to kiss at the bus stop! *Whaaat!*

She had had a tough day. Work was hectic and she found out that her crush had had a girlfriend the whole time he flirted with her. Feeling down that she was already a woman at her 30s and still had never kissed a man, she lands one on unsuspecting Se-hee.

She would never meet him again, so why not?

Ooooh, but fate has a wicked sense of humour 😉

The drama doesn’t revolve just around these two, but the best friends lives as well.

It’s really quite interesting to see how their completely different lives play out.

There so much cuteness in this drama. Reminds me of Strong Woman DBS.


Even the OSTs are good!

Here’s a link:

Seriously, this drama is just too good 🙂



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