Revolutionary Love <3


Exams are finally done and I am ready to return to my beloved K-dramas! \^o^/.

Now, I’ve had my eye on this drama, mostly because Si-won finally has the lead role!!!

tumblr_inline_ni8qdeE57U1r7dlc8.jpg (250×250)

The last drama I watched him act in gave me major Second-Male-Lead Syndrome that almost left me dead —-> She Was Pretty <—

And he’s SUCH a cute-pie! Who wouldn’t want to watch him??

And the fact that Gong Myung also stars here… well… that was basically the icing to the cake 😀

Aight, lets get to the details of the drama 😉

5116_RevolutionaryLove_Nowplay_Small.jpg (680×390)

Revolutionary Love is a 2017 Romedy-Youth type of drama that revolves around how people of different statuses deal with life.

Starring our very own Choi Siwon as Byun hyuk,

14811fa716a0133641f7bb9aaa48acab--asian-hotties-choi-siwon.jpg (500×750)

he is a third-generation chaebol, and the’black sheep’ of the family, always getting into trouble and bringing shame to his family name.

He just can’t seem to stay out of the news.

Baek Joon, starring Kang So-ra,

257bedb02c4aac8c7fc31d87cf611f2ac6add085_hq.jpg (600×800)

is moving from one part-time job to another. A hard-worker, she’s not picky with her jobs and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty.

The only reason this young, college-graduate woman doesn’t have a full time job is because to make a resume means to uselessly throw away money. Though she doesn’t care about the kind of work she does, she will, by no means, sell her dignity.

Kwon Je-hyun, starring Gong Myung,

5urprise_1420588670_af_org.jpg (540×809)

is working as a secretary in a company belonging to the Byun family. However, most of his work consists of cleaning up after the second son’s messes.

He and Baek Joon are friends *I mean, they know each other. I’m not entirely sure how yet…I’d just watched half of the first episode and decided that I needed to post a blog about this promising bea-uuuuuuuu-tiful drama >o<and I think he is leaning towards having feelings ranging in the ‘not-friend’ zone *Ooo-la-la! 😉

Byun and Baek Joon have a chance encounter *trust me, you won’t forget this scene* and byun starts taking a liking towards her…

You know, wherever Siwon is concerned, there always seems to be a lot of humour and feels,so I can’t wait to keep watching this drama!

Fingers-cross that this drama doesn’t come up short, though I highly doubt that it will.

byunhyuk4-00513.jpg (1000×566)

It’s a completed drama, so for those of you wanting a drama to watch, I suggest you take up this one 🙂

Alright, I’m going to go watch some more episodes now!

Peace out! B)


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