1 % Of Something

1% Of Something is a 2016 South Korean Television Drama that is based on a novel. This same-titled TV series has also been broadcast in China, Japan and the United States. It aired it’s first episode on 30th September, 2016.

The drama revolves around the life of a money-minded CEO, Lee Jae-in (Ha Seok-jin).

He is soon to inherit enormous wealth and the Company from his grandfather … but the grandfather has other ideas.

The inheritance comes with a deal.

Jae-in must marry whomever the grandfather chooses to be his bride…

A simple task, right? Never having had the idea of marrying for love pass through his mind, it should be an easy enough deal.

So, he sets out to meet this money-seeking future wife of his and to try what he can to get out of this ‘marriage deal.’

But when he meets her, she is nothing like what he expects …at …all.


Kim Da-hyun (Jeon So-min) is a simple school teacher. She loves her students and her job more than anything.

One day. an arrogant man, who claims to be a CEO of a large company, meets her and tells her that his grandfather has left her his inheritance.

Full of suspicion, Kim Da-hyun does not believe him and thinks that he is in fact a scam-artist, trying to steal her money.

She has no idea who this grandfather is and why he has left her his wealth, having never even met the man.

Jae-in is adamant to get his rightful inheritance though he is unwilling to marry someone like her, he makes up a contract in which she will not have to marry him but will date him for six months and at the end of which, they will completely break off all ties.

Still not completely convinced he is who he says he is, she later complies to the deal. Though she is hesitant with the deal, Kim Da-hyun is completely confident she would never fall for a person as inconsiderate, cold and calculating as Jae-in.

Jae-in too scoffs at the idea of falling for her.

Marrying her?

No way.

The mere thought makes him shudder.

But *here it comes XD* something other than the pretend relationship that the two were coerced into, brews up *Yusss!*

Attraction 😉

Chemistry! *Gasp!*

Sparks are flying!! *Fire!!* 😀

Oh, the chemistry between the two is palpable, alright 🙂



So, the question remains.

At the end of six months…

Will the two be able to end everything?

To forget each other and go on with their lives the way they’d planned at the beginning of it all?


A/N: This drama is a must-watch! With the cutest and sweetest scenes, to the hilarious ones. With realistic characters and believable plots, the drama was well-crafted and very enjoyable!

The chemistry between the two leads was p-r-e-t-t-y evident and there were a number of adorable scenes that made me … melt 😛

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a light, yet feels-inducing drama.

I’m still hung up on this. It was quite good 🙂

WATCH IT!!! 🙂 !!



Ha Seok-jin as Lee Jae-in

Jeon So-min as Kim Da-hyun

Joo Jin-mo as Lee Gyu-chul (Lee Jae-in’s grandfather)

Kim Sun-hyuk as Park Hyung-joon

Seo Eun-chae as Han Joo-hee

Baek Seong-heon as Ji-su

Im Do-yoon as Jung Hyun-jin

Kim Hyung-min as Min Tae-ha






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