Tomorrow With You

Tomorrow With You is a Korean TV show that aired it’s first episode on February 3, 2017.

Starring Shin Min-ah and Lee Je-hoon, it is a time travelling drama!

So Joon, the CEO of a real-estate company, can travel to the future. And he does it by taking the subway train 😉


Being a time traveller seems to have its perks. He is wealthy, has power, can buy things no one in his time has invented yet and he doesn’t even have to work like how other CEO’s must.

One thing though. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t travel into the future after a certain date – March 25, 2019. He soon finds out the reason – one that does not bode well. *Imagination, time to take control*.

This fate though is shared by another. A woman. Ma Rin.

Ma Rin is a photographer who does not seem to be doing so great. But she grabs opportunity by the neck, even if the cost is a little bit of her dignity.

In her childhood years, she had starred in a famous ad as Bap Soon. Now, a couple years later, people still recognise her and the media seem to have a lot of fun showing the world that she’s not doing well.

Beer is a temptation that she cannot win against. She gets drunk – frequently –  and as any drunk would do, she does embarassing things… and all these can be found on the net that the oh-so-helpful reporters put up.

So Joon is intrigued as to who this woman who shares his fate might be. Having seen her future and that she gets into an accident that leaves her crippled, So Joon saves her from getting hit by a car, altering future events.

Thinking that he can change their fate, So Joon marries Ma Rin.

A marriage not particularly born out of love, Ma Rin tries her best to be the wife that So Joon deserves. But this is easier said than done as So Joon is soo closed off and does not share with Ma Rin any details of his life.

So Joon seeing that he is hurting Ma Rin, tries to bridge the gap between them, but things are difficult when everyone he meets in the future is telling him to break off the marriage, including future Ma Rin.

*This drama revolves around not just the two of them, but even the people around them so its different in a way. JUST WATCH IT 🙂 *

A/N: I think I might have made this summary a bit ‘going round the merry-go-round’… but the drama is really good. There are some negative comments, everyone can have the same opinion, but mine is that this drama is amazing.

Quite refreshing too. Not your average typical ‘travel-from-the-past-to-the-future-and-fall-in-love-only-to-be-sent-back-and-have-to-live-with-a-broken-heart’ series *takes in a big gulp of breath*.

In my list, its up there with Goblin, Strong Woman DBS, Love In The Moonlight, etc. As in first level. Level 1.

Okay I’m rambling now.

But if you’re reading this, then I’m telling you that this drama is a must-watch.


Lee Je-hoon as Yoo So Joon.

Shin Min-ah as Song Ma Rin

Kim Ye-won as Lee Gun-sok

Kang Ki-Doong as Kang Ki-Doong

Park Joo-hee as Shin Se-young

Jo Han chul as Doo Sik


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