My Shy Boss

My Shy Boss, a 2017 Korean drama that aired its first episode on January 16, 2017.


An introvert yourself?

Then this is the drama for you.

It revolves around a shy – extremely shy – CEO of a public relations company.

Misunderstood by his Company workers, Eun Hwan-gi is made out to be an arrogant, unapproachable man, who will not give them the time of day to attend a single meeting.

Due to circumstances and situations, he appears be a rude, cruel boss. Some speculate that he might have been connected, or even the reason, for a worker of the Company to have committed suicide.

*Things are getting spicy, no?*

But, except for his one and only best friend, Kang Woo-il, no one really knows the true person under the black hood. He is actually the brains of the Company and his opinions are voiced out through his best friend.

A former not-so-well known actress, Chae Ro-woon, gets a job to work in the Company.

She is the exact opposite of Hwan-gi – an extrovert and is not at all hesitant to voice out her thoughts, no matter how ludicrous they may be.

However, she is the sister of the employee who had committed suicide.

Was it a coincidence that she is working under the very same Company that got her sister killed?

I think not.

Having motives of revenge, she gets closer to the CEO.

But with every step, she finds out that things she thought she once knew were not at all what she thought they were.

And maybe, Hwan-gi was not the person she thought he was.

*The drama was awesome to watch!!! I recommend this to all and especially to all the introverts out there like myself 🙂 The courage it takes for one to step out of their shell is depicted well and it has even given me inspiration to take those first hard steps.*


Yeon Woo-jin as Eun Hwan-gi (The CEO)


Park Hye-soo as Chae Ro-woon (The Former Actress)


Gong Seung-yeon as Eun Yi-soo (Hwan-gi’s Sister)


Yoon Park as Kang Woo-il (The Co-CEO)


Ye Ji-won as Dang Yoo-hee (Company Worker)


Heo Jung-min as Eom Sun-bong (Company Worker)


Jun Hyo-seong as Kim Gyo-ri (Company Worker)


Han Jae-suk as Jang Se-jong (Company Worker)


Han Chae-ah as Chae Ji-hye (Chae Ro-woon’s Sister)



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