Goblin: The Lonely and Great God/Guardian

Goblin: The Great and Lonely God/Guardian is a South Korean tv show that aired its first episode on 2 December, 2016.


The General fought bravely for his King, risking his life for him, his loyalty evident. But on returning home, he finds that he is not welcomed. The King sees him as a threat and as such kills his family and him as well.

As his body lies in a field with his followers nearby praying for his life, he takes his last breath and the General leaves the earth.

But, God gives him a second chance. This chance however is more of a curse than a blessing.

He comes back to life but as a Goblin.

He has abilities and is very much powerful. Immortality is apart of the curse. However, the sword that killed him lay stuck in his chest and he is unable to remove it.

A higher Power tells him that he will find peace only when it is removed and this can be done only by his bride.

Some 900 years later, he meets a peculiar girl who can see ghosts. Can she see the sword? Is she his bride? Will he finally find peace? Or will something hold him back from doing the one thing he has craved ever since he came back to life.

This drama also tells of a Grim Reaper who befriends the Goblin (though the friendship was initially unwanted by both sides) whose job is to help the deceased move on to their next life.

He too has abilities like the Goblin. But he has no memory of his past, not even that of his name.

As the drama unfolds, we see connections that piece the broken picture, loss of love, the pain and hardships of being unwanted and old innocent love that springs up as the two ‘halves’ find each other. Even some cute bromance between the two Gods.


Gong yoo (as the Goblin/ Kim sin)


Lee Dong wook (as the Grim Reaper)


Kim Go-eun (as Ji Eun-tak)


Yoo In-na (as Sunny)


Yoo Seung-jae (Yoo Deok-hwa)



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