Doctors is a 2016 South Korean medical drama series.



Yoo Hye-jung is an 18 year old girl who is expelled from her school for causing trouble. She is kicked out by her father and made to live with her grandmother. Due to past events, Yoo is closed off and unwilling to trust others. Being a bold, feisty and gangster-like girl, she gets into fights (and wins) irrespective of who her opponent is – boy or girl.


Living with her grandmother sets her life in motion in a different direction. She encounters Hong Ji-hong who later becomes her homeroom teacher in the new school she is going to and also her neighbour and mentor.

Due to circumstances and events, Yoo’s life is turned upside down and has to change the way she lives all over again. She is separated from everyone she holds dear and is made to believe that she only brings trouble and despair to anyone who comes close.

13 years later, Yoo is a successful doctor and fate leads her to the hospital where she had lost everything. It also leads her to Hong, who returns from the States where he had gone to 13 years earlier.

Will she be able to get justice for the wrong done to her grandmother and herself? She’ll have to let someone in and open the door that closes off her heart in order to do so. Her fists are not enough to win this fight. She needs a little bit of help…and a little bit of love to help her along the way.

Watch the drama in order to find out more.

And I promise you…it will be worth it.


  • Park Shin-hye (Yoo Hye-jung)7a92af17-f144-4cb2-b205-a26b4099d3e2
  • Kim Rae-won (Hong Ji-hong)


  • Yoon Kyun-sang (Jung Yoon-do)


  • Lee Sung-kyung (Jin Seo-woo)



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