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The Storm and Silence by Robert Thier *Review*

One word for this book – AMAZING!

I love reading every part of it! I couldn’t for the life of me put it down until I had finished it all, which was hard to do considering how many chapters it had, but it was so worth it.

I love Lilly Linton! She’s such a staunch feminist and I soo root for her and Mr. Ambrose.

Mr. Ambrose.

Ah, his coldness just melts my insides!
I am in love with both of them.

This book is so well written and I love the humour and sarcasm that overflows the contents of this book!

Sir Robert, Sir. You are truly a talented writer.

I’d read this book from Wattpad and I’d just love the author’s notes he writes with all the interesting notes about early England.

I am now going to use the word ‘spiffy’ in my sentences until I die.

Such a good book that I MUST recommend to any lass or lad that I acquaint with. 


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